Do I need to make an appointment to come in and speak with a rental consultant?

Appointments are encouraged so that we are able to have devoted time set aside and be able to give you the attention we’d like to give you.

I’m planning a small event — is there a minimum order requirement for any of your items?

At One Stop, there’s no such thing as too big or too small a party! Our large inventory enables us to accommodate all requests ranging from a single item order to large corporate events.

When should I make my reservation?

For large events and tents, we suggest you call as soon as you have determined your guest list. We carry one of the largest inventories of tents in Southern Maine, however reservations are taken daily and availability changes quickly. Early planning ensures your first choice of items.

Can I make any changes to my order?

Changes within 72 hours of delivery or customer pick-up are not permitted — whenever possible, we are happy to accommodate changes to any rental item prior to the 72-hour window. We cannot guarantee any changes after that time.

What do I need to hold my reservation?

All rental equipment must be reserved with a name, address and telephone number. Most reservations require a 30% deposit which is non-refundable if order is cancelled or date is changed.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of 30% is required to confirm most reservations and is non-refundable if order is cancelled or date is changed.

Do I need to put coverings on rental tables?

Yes, we do require tables be covered. We offer a large collection of linens for more formal occasions, as well as paper and plastic table covers for more casual parties.

What if I don’t use some of my rental items?

We’re sorry, but all items that leave One Stop, whether by delivery or personal pick-up, are considered rented whether the renter chooses to use the equipment or not. No credit or refund is given for unused rental equipment.

What if something breaks or is damaged during the event?

We do charge for missing, broken, damaged, and weather damaged items. We ask that you secure and protect all equipment when not in use.

What is your return policy on linens?

All our linens are sent to you ready for the table. If you receive any linens that are less than acceptable, we ask that you call us right away. While we expect linen to be returned with food stains, we do ask that customers shake out the linens before returning and to avoid putting linens in plastic bags, as they are likely to mildew if damp. We will provide you with linen bags to return your linens in. Customers will be charged a replacement fee for all linens returned with burns, tears, or non-food stains that cannot be washed out. Linens with wax stains will be charged a $6 cleaning fee. Replacement charges for tablecloths range from $10 to $50.

What is your return policy on dishes?

Special containers are provided for china, glassware, etc. to ensure you receive your items clean, sanitized, undamaged and ready for the table. If any items are missing or broken, please call our store immediately. If it is after or before hours, we ask that you call and leave us a message. To avoid a labor charge, please rinse and place glassware bottom up and sorted in the racks provided. To avoid a cleaning charge, all dishes must be scraped and rinsed free of food before being placed back in the racks. Replacement charges will be applied for any breakage or missing dishes. All racks must be returned to avoid a replacement fee.

Do you have a delivery/pickup charge?

Delivery and pickup services are available, with fees based on location; please call for a quote.

What is your delivery policy?

We charge a delivery fee for all orders based on location. Additional fees will be charged for delivery to floors other than the first floor as well as for any set-up or breakdown of items. All tables and chairs will be left stacked on delivery. Please have tables and chairs stacked for pickup (this includes bagging chairs as required). Labor fees will be charged if the rentals are not ready for pickup or the pick-up area or building is inaccessible for our drivers. It is the customer’s responsibility to return any rental items that were not accessible to our drivers at the time of pick-up. Please contact store for custom delivery or pick-up fees and/or after-hour requests that may incur extra charges. Orders are delivered one-three days in advance and pick ups are one-two days after the event.

Will the rental equipment be set up and taken down?

Sorry, but we do not offer setup and breakdown of tables and chairs. Our delivery drivers leave all tables and chairs stacked in piles at drop-off and to avoid additional charges they must be broken down and stacked for pickup and all wooden folding chairs must be returned to their original bags.

How do I figure out what size tent I need for my event?

Our experienced staff is available to help determine your tent rental needs by consulting with you and asking questions that will help us to suggest the most appropriate size. Site evaluations are also available upon request to determine the available space for a tent at your event location.

Who sets up the tent?

Our tent crew does all tent installations. Watch them do it in our time-lapse video! See our easy-to-follow tent instructions here.