Bistro Lighting

Priced per foot.
Bistro lighting makes the perfect compliment to any tented event. When it comes to selecting lighting for your tent, we have multiple options to choose from. Each lighting option is professionally installed by our experienced tent crew to ensure a flawless finish.

Chandelier, Rustic

The chandeliers, both the two-tiered as well as the rustic, beautifully illuminate all of our tent styles. The onion lamps are commonly used on the sail cloth tent and are often installed two per center pole.

Chandelier, Two-tier

The chandeliers are two tiers and are for the frame tents. They rent for $150.00 each. They are installed into the junction point in the ceiling of the frame tent.

Chinese Lanterns

Lanterns come in a variety of sizes (14″, 18″, 24″) and are hung at various lengths to give an interesting, staggered appearance. In frame tents, they are attached to the frame-work, whereas in a century or pole tent, they are strung from lines that can be manually installed.

Fabric Tent Liners

The tent liners will add a finishing touch of sophistication and elegance to any event. Of all the tent accessories available, liners certainly provide the most refined appearance.

Kedered Side Walls

The wall panel, by being slid into and pulled through the length of the track, attaches the framework to the vinyl of the tent side.

Kedered walls are a great option when wind and weather are factors at your venue. These walls track smoothly into the leg of your frame tent and the seam has a zipper closure for easy access.

Onion Lamps

The onion lamps or lanterns are commonly used on the sail cloth tent. They are $60.00 each and can be installed two per center pole.

Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter lighting, bistro lighting and side sconces are all options to create the perfect mood for your event. We also offer heating and cooling options for the unpredictable Maine weather.

Tent Leg Drapes

Leg drapes are an accessory that can be added to frame tents. They cover the metal legs, but also give a polished look to the perimeter of the tent.