The frame tent is the most versatile option. It is free standing and has no center poles, which allows it to be set up against a building, another tent, or weighed on a surface that cannot be staked. The versatility of the frame tent extends to its accessories, as well. The frame tent can be enhanced with the tent liners and it has a multitude of lighting options, such as chandeliers, side sconces and Chinese lanterns.


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40′ Wide Frame Tents

4202 TENT, 40 X 40 WHITE FRAME
4203 TENT, 40 X 50 WHITE FRAME
4204 TENT, 40 X 60 WHITE FRAME
4205 TENT, 40 X 70 WHITE FRAME
4172 TENT, 40 X 80 WHITE FRAME
4477 TENT, 40 X 90 WHITE FRAME
4370 TENT, 40 X 100 WHITE FRAME
5175 TENT, 40 X 110 WHITE FRAME
4851 TENT, 40 X 120 WHITE FRAME
4928 TENT, 40 X 140 WHITE FRAME
5095 TENT, 40 X 160 WHITE FRAME
5340 TENT, 40 X 200 WHITE FRAME

Kedered Side Walls

The wall panel, by being slid into and pulled through the length of the track, attaches the framework to the vinyl of the tent side.

Kedered walls are a great option when wind and weather are factors at your venue. These walls track smoothly into the leg of your frame tent and the seam has a zipper closure for easy access.